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Business in Brazil – Legal Guide

business-brazil1Published: 2000
Publisher: Legal Observer Inc.
Country of Publication: Brazil
Edition: 4

Description: The “Legal Guide”: Business In Brazil, by the leading Latin-American law firm Noronha Advogados, is the standard reference work for those interested in the legal aspects of economic relations and investments in Brazil.
The book covers the entire legal structure of Brazil including company law: banking; taxation; labour law; consumer protectio; public bids; competition law; insurance; intellectual property; litigation; arbitration; Mercosur; privatization; energy law; electronic business; anti-dumping, maritime and aviation law; agribusiness and immigration.

International Judicial Assistance in Civil Matters

Published: 2000
Publisher: Center for International Legal Studies
Country of Publication: Austria
Edition: 1st

Description: International judicial assistance, which is reasonably well settled in criminal law, is still finding its way in civil matters. Here is a very useful survey of problems in this area, describing how they are being handled in various jurisdictions worldwide. The authors examine service of process abroad, obtaining evidence in crossborder litigation, the impact of sovereign immunity, the application of international conventions, and preferred forms of dispute resolution. Contributors include practitioners from both civil law and common law jurisdictions.